New Haven Officials Report Decline in Crime

The crime rate in New Haven has been decreasing over the last five years, city officials announced during a news conference on Wednesday afternoon.

“I’m very excited to share with you today’s irrefutable evidence that in New Haven, as far as safety is concerned, we’re moving on the right track, in the right direction,” Mayor Toni Harp said.

She said there is a dramatic across-the-board decline in crime rates and that’s good for people who want to open a business in the city.

“All those who live, work, study and visit here are safer as a result,” Harp said.

New Haven Police Chief Dean Esserman said the department accomplished the order Harp issued when he met with her two and a half years ago, and the department does not “seek to take credit.”

He called the crime decline “a New Haven community success.”

“We do not intend to rest on our laurels. We intend for this to be a beginning of the continued decline in crime in our beloved city of New Haven,” Esserman said. “Crime is down in every neighborhood, in every category, every year.”

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