New Haven Implementing New Systems for Parking Bans

Just in time for the snow to arrive, New Haven is implementing new systems to help remind you when a parking ban is in effect. Every winter the city struggles with cars needed to be towed, so they're hoping this is a solution to the problem and a relief for you.

"Parking is always a workout, it's difficult," said New Haven resident Augustine Confeancesco.

After another winter of battling cars in the road, the city of New Haven decided to make a change

Doug Hausladen, director of transportation in New Haven said,"Every car that's towed is a partial failure on my behalf on communicating with them and letting them know that there is an emergency."

The city has installed 22 new blue lights as a simple way to help alert drivers when there is a snow emergencies.

"When there is a parking ban due to a snow related emergency a light flashes and the sign tells you to call 946-Snow," saidHausladen

The idea for the system came from a similar concept in Vermont and Massachusetts. Knowing that it will be a big change for drivers, the city has been making an extra effort to make the transition as easy as possible.

Hausladen also explained that the city is "trying to really get the word out about the fact that parking bans are real and we have to get our traffic back in order and a little temporary pain from moving your car is going to have a whole heck is a lot of benefits in the upcoming weeks."

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