New Haven Installs Blue Lights to Enforce Snow Parking Bans

The city of New Haven is installing new lights to help remind residents when a parking ban is in effect during snow emergencies. The flashing blue lights can be seen above traffic signals at some busy intersections. City officials hope they solve the towing problem they face every winter.

“One of our biggest challenges is communication,” Director of Transportation Doug Hausladen said. “We have 60,000 cars on the street so how do you tell them when there’s a parking ban?”

The 22 new lights ended up being the perfect solution. The system is the first of its kind in Connecticut, but was copied from a similar system in Vermont and Massachusetts.

“Turns out it’s a really simple and good idea a way to let people know there’s a parking ban,” Hausladen said. “It gives us the chance to be a little more proactive and fair with our residents.”

Hausladen said it comes down to space because plows need more of it and the tow yards run out of it. They are hoping the lights help prevent it from happening this winter.

“I’ve had friends that have been towed before and it’s just a frustrating experience, so I think this will help,” Emily Cable of New Haven said.

The lights have been installed at 22 different locations, including intersections and highway exits and entrances. City leaders are in the process of installing signs underneath the lights so drivers do not get confused the next time the snow falls.

Their goal is to install even more lights next year and eventually cover all of the snow routes.

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