New Haven Issues Targeted Parking Ban to Deal With Snow Removal

A week after a blizzard dumped a foot of snow in New Haven, the city is issuing targeted parking bans on streets where more snow still needs to be removed.

“This is from a public safety standpoint,” Deputy Director of Emergency Operations Rick Fontana said. “we’ve got to get cars off the street to get these cleared.”

After a sweep of the city, the New Haven Fire Department identified several streets still obstructed by snow.

“Maybe a piece of fire apparatus couldn’t get down,” Fontana said.

A number of the trouble spots are in the Fair Haven section of the city.

On Thursday, a caravan of New Haven Public Works trucks led by a snow thrower made its way down several residential streets where parking ban signs are posted.

“They’ve had you know all yesterday afternoon and all morning to move their cars. As you can see, pavement, and they can move them back in.”

Jose Mejias, who lives on Poplar Street, isn't satisfied with the cleanup in the area outside of his home.

“They came with the equipment. Use the equipment properly,” Mejias said. “Early this morning they came and towed the vehicles and once they towed the vehicles you can see the cleaning they did, very, very poor cleaning.”

Some residents told NBC Connecticut they support the city enforcing the parking ban.

“Get ‘em off the streets or tow them.” Gary Deraleau said. “Let them clear the streets so people got a place to go.”

But Deraleau said he wishes the snow removal trucks went through his neighborhood earlier in the week.

The city trucks plan to dump all the snow they picked up at East Shore Park.

“People need to be patient, but it does take time and I think the streets as we go through the removal process, these streets will get back to normal,” Fontana said.

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