New Haven Mayor Toni Harp ‘Unsuspends' Re-Election Campaign

New Haven Mayor Toni Harp has decided to reignite her suspended campaign for mayor.

The three-term incumbent mayor announced on Sept. 25 that she was suspending her campaign after losing to challenger Justin Elicker in the Democratic primary on Sept. 10. 

Harp still has the endorsement of the Working Families party and her name will appear on the November ballot.

“I have listened to folks who’ve come to me. I have decided I am in it to win it. I’m running," Harp said in a radio interview Thursday. "There’s a ‘People’s Campaign’ out there and on Facebook. There are hundreds of people who are part of that. They think it’s important that my leadership continue because it actually reflects them and the things they want to do in the city. I’m going to respect that. I’m in it to win it. We’re going to work really hard to turn out every vote on Tuesday, November 5.”

Harp, the first woman mayor of New Haven, came into office in 2014, and campaigned most recently on her record of lowering crime, improving education and the goal of making New Haven a more inclusive, world class city.

Her life in public service preceded the mayor’s office – she also spent time in the state legislator as a senator representing New Haven, and was also a city alder.

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