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People Urged Not to Come to Unauthorized Motorcycle Event in New Haven This Weekend

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New Haven is sending a message to people planning to attend a large gathering of motorcyclists in the city this weekend: "Don't come."

A group called Eastcoastin is planning an end-of-the-season event in New Haven on Saturday.

Mayor Justin Elicker and New Haven police want potential participants to know the event is unauthorized and there will be consequences for people who show up.

"Violators will be arrested and towing will be strictly enforced," the New Haven Police Department posted on Facebook last week.

Police Chief Renee Dominguez said the event has continued to grow in size over the years and last year was the largest number of people they've had with roughly 10,000 participants.

Mayor Elicker added that last year, thousands of people came to the event despite the fact that there was never a permit for it, despite that it was dangerous and shut off many streets and despite making it difficult for emergency vehicles to pass through.

The event also had lots of chaos and lots of people not following the laws, which took away from resources for regular calls for service, police said.

Officials said they have spoke with the organizers of the event multiple times and made it clear that the event is not tolerated in the city. Police also said they tried to help the organizers by giving them information on how to get permits and do things legally, but that was not done.

No parking signs are going to be posted in the area and road closures are possible the day of.

Parking will be enforced, ticketing and towing will be enforced and if necessary, arrests will be made, Dominguez said.

If needed, she also said warrants can be made for people after the fact, which is what happened for several people last year.

A large number of officers are expected to be in the area where the event is scheduled to take place and police said they are prepared for if the group moves anywhere. Authorities are thinking about safety first and foremost for everyone.

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