New Haven Mom Calls Police on Own Son

A concerned mom called New Haven police Monday evening worried that her son had left their apartment armed with a shotgun.

She told officers the teen seemed tense and upset and had walked out carrying a duffel bag.

"She certainly didn't see into the bag, but she felt what she thought was a shotgun. It was, in fact, a Mossberg 600 sawed-off shotgun illegally modified in that regard," said New Haven police spokesman Officer Dave Hartman.

Officers were able to track down the 17-year-old with his mom's help and ended up finding him on Garden Street near Edgewood Avenue. Police said they found the teen with the shotgun and a stolen SUV.

"Just her trusting us that we would handle it properly, and quite possibly prevent something horrible from happening was impressive," said Hartman.

The teen and a friend were arrested and face multiple charges. Police said they know this mom made a tough decision to call police on her own son, but they are thankful.

"She didn't want to see her son hurt. She didn't want to see anyone else hurt," said Hartman.

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