New Haven Neighbors Want Overgrown Lot Cleaned Up

For years the site of a former factory in New Haven has been vacant, and residents on Munson Street say it’s time the eyesore get cleaned up.

Jesse Hameen II described the mess growing next to his Munson Street home in New Haven.

"Poison ivy the whole perimeter going up to the side here to my house and the back behind my garage," he said.

Every couple of weeks he puts his machete to use, chopping away the branches that stick through the fence and onto his property.

Elaine Jackson has lived across the street since the early 1980s and said the property looked like a forest. She’s concerned about animals that may be lurking within.

"It's all kinds of wild animals but it’s like I gotta clean my back porch because the skunks were on it last night," Jackson said.

The property used to hold the parking lot for the Winchester Firearms factory. The Olin Corporation later purchased the property, but now it belongs to a developer that's planning to build 200 new housing units.

After conversations with a partner from Double A Development, Hameen is encouraged a landscaper will soon take care of the problem.

"The owner called me and he said he wants to have good rapport and relationship with the neighbors and he sees that our house we're more affected," Hameen said.

There is no word on when the construction and cleanup for the new housing complex is expected to begin.

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