New Haven Brings Life to Blighted Neighborhood

A new campaign is offering financial incentives to New Haven residents who move into restored homes in an effort to revitalize once-blighted neighborhoods.

Alicia Malloon just moved into her home on Putnam Street in August.

“It's been great. I mean, working in New Haven, and not being from New Haven, I was a little intimidated, but it's pretty good. The neighbors are so welcoming, and so nice,” said Alicia Malloon.

She, like many of her neighbors who moved into restored homes, received $10,000 from the city's RE:NewHaven campaign, which hopes to entice people to settle down in the city. The money will help with her down payment and closing costs.

“It really helps people who think they don't have a chance to become homeowners," said Malloon. "It really does help them, gives us a head start on things.”

However, she is also helping the city, because her homeownership helps to rebuild a New Haven neighborhood where houses sat vacant for years. Now, they're filled with families.

“We know homeownership and owner occupancy contribute mightily to stable neighborhoods. In stable neighborhoods, residents take care of their property and they take pride in that result,” said New Haven Mayor Toni Harp.

The city is hoping that this Putnam Street Revitalization Project is just one of many success stories.

“We're telling everybody that we want you to be homeowners in New Haven, we want you to fix up your properties, we want you to be part of this community,” said Livable City Initiative Director Erik Johnson.

Incentives are also being offered for homeowners who make their homes more energy efficient.

More information is available online.

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