New Haven Police Captain Anthony Duff Released from Hospital

New Haven Police Captain Anthony Duff was on his way to the hospital where his first grandchild was born on the night of Monday, Aug. 12 when he saw a man fire a gun at another man.

Duff radioed in that he was pursing the suspect. The next message to come over the radio was Signal 4, “police officer down.”

Duff was hit three times by the still unidentified suspect’s bullets, including in the chest.

He was in the hospital, recovering from those injuries for days and walked out Thursday afternoon.

In s moving show of support, dozens of fellow police officers stood at attention as Duff walked out of the hospital and cheered for him.

Anthony Campbell, the assistant chief for the Yale Police Department and former New Haven Police chief. was by Duff’s bedside the first day visitors were allowed into the hospital room.

Campbell said he met Duff the day he went in for an interview with the New Haven Police Department.

Duff was assigned to greet the new recruits. After Campbell was hired, Duff became a mentor, a role he continued, even working under Campbell, when he was promoted to chief of New Haven’s Police Department two years ago.

“If you ever are going to have an officer witnessing a shooting the officer you’d want to have is Captain Duff,” Campbell said.

Campbell describes Duff as a dedicated officer beloved by his department and the community he served.

“Anytime there was a need, whether it was clothing, school supplies, turkeys or food for the community around Christmas or Thanksgiving Captain Duff was at the forefront,” Campbell said.

The suspect who shot Duff and also fatally wounded 46-year-old Troy Clark of West Haven, is still on the loose.

“It’s the priority of the department. It’s on all of our minds, and I can assure that every

The FBI and State’s Attorney’s office are involved in the case. Per protocol when a police officer is involved in a shooting, Duff will be placed on administrative leave during the investigation.

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