New Haven Police Introduce 4 Officers Who Helped Save Captain Anthony Duff's Life

On Wednesday, the New Haven Police Department introduced the four officers who helped save the life of Captain Anthony Duff after he was shot Monday night while attempting to intervene in a separate shooting incident.

Duff was shot three times after hearing shots near Dixwell Avenue and Henry Streets and trying to catch up to the alleged shooter. Responding officers applied tourniquets to Duff’s wounds, allowing the bleeding to be controlled enough for him to survive the trip to Yale New Haven Hospital for surgery.

The officers include: Officer Joseph Perrotti, who has been with the department for five years; Sergeant Shayna Kendall, a nine-year veteran; Sergeant Christopher Cameron, a 12-year veteran; and Officer Ramonel Torres who has been with the department almost three years. Officer Perrotti is also a registered nurse.

Use of the tourniquets was something New Haveb police officers first began receiving training for last year through a partnership with Yale New Haven Hospital. Since the program began, tourniquets have been used by officers at least nine times.

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