Kids Safe, SUV Found After Thief Steals Car With Children in Backseat

Police said the 5-year-old and 10-month-old were unharmed and will be reunited with their mother.

Two young children have been found safe after the car they were in was stolen in New Haven Wednesday, according to police.

Police said the car was stolen from the area of 360 Columbus Ave.

Investigators said the children's mother went inside the Roberto Clemente school to pick up a child and that's when the car was stolen. It appears the keys were left in the car.

At some point, the children, a 5-year-old and a 10-month-old were taken out of the car and found by a good Samaritan in the Rice Field area.

That good Samaritan said finding the children was a stroke of luck. Because of bad traffic, she took a different route home than usual, and that's when she spotted them.

"That's not something you see everyday, two little kids left on the side," Kasandra Monteiro said.

Monteiro said when she spotted the kids, she just reacted, calling 911.

"The little boy was just huddled with his sister like he was protecting her, holding on to her. She was still in the car seat," she explained.

The children were safe and uninjured, police said. They were taken to the hospital to be checked over and reunited with their mother.

"She was happy, cried of course, happy to find her kids, any mother would," Monteiro said.

The vehicle, a grey Mercedes SUV with license plate AW02025, was found Thursday. Two people are in custody.

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