New Haven Police Offer Look at City's Intelligence Center

The Elm City Intel Center, which opened in 2017, gives New Haven Police a 24/7 look at what's happening in their city.

New Haven police are giving the public a closer look at some of the tools they use to fight crime in the city.

For the first time ever, the department allowed access to the Elm City Intel Center, a nerve center that allows various units within the department to keep an eye on happenings in the city.

Live cameras blanketing the city provide a look at blocks and corners all over New Haven. A real-time display monitors for gunfire on city streets. These are some of the tools New Haven police can access inside the facility that opened in 2017.

“It gives us 24/7 visual of what’s real time out there in the community,” said Lt. Herbert Sharp, patrol commander of New Haven Police.

“We have ShotSpotter, we have cameras, we have lists of groups and gangs involved in violence in the city. We have people who are on probation and parole,” said Lt. Karl Jacobson, officer in charge of the Criminal Intelligence Unit, Shooting Task Force and Narcotics.

Assistant Chief Herb Johnson says New Haven Police looked to Hartford and other police departments as they prepared to open their intel unit. It allows leaders from all city police units as well as others to get information about crime in the city and also meet to discuss fighting it.

"It’s a collaboration of everything. The partnerships and the community has a big role in this,” said Johnson.

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