New Haven Police Remind Residents to Secure Homes

New Haven police are reminding residents to secure their homes after several recent break-ins.

Police said on Saturday a man entered a Lynwood Place home through an unlocked door. The occupants were home at the time but no one was injured.

Wednesday, a Chapel Street resident reported his home burglarized when he returned from breakfast. The suspect entered by pushing in a window air conditioner.

Police said both crimes were likely preventable and offer the following tips to keep your home safe.

Report suspicious people and vehicles to police and your neighbors

  • Keep doors & windows secured with good quality locks
  • Add window casement locks or locking pin to keep windows ‘cracked’ a bit
  • Secure window air conditioners to the sash and sill
  • Set your burglar alarm – even when you’re at home
  • Keep porch lights on all night
  • Use motion sensors lights for driveways and back yards
  • Trim back trees & shrubbery
  • Never let strangers into your home
  • Demand and verify identification of utility co. associates, poll takers & sales people.
  • Make your home look occupied. Time lights, radios & televisions
  • Avoid hiding keys outside. Give a spare to a trusted friend
  • Never attach personal information to your key ring
  • Arrange for mail pick up if away for more than a few days
  • Maintain a clearly visible house number so emergency personnel can find you
  • Keep valuables in a hidden secure spot or bank safety deposit box
  • Get to know your neighbors
  • Report nonworking street lights and tree canopies that are below the lights
  • Engrave property with your phone number. Record serial numbers
  • Don’t ignore audible alarms. Call the Police
  • Keep all firearms out of sight and locked up
  • Don’t leave ladders outside your home
  • Set appropriate privacy settings on social media sites and check them often. If you must post vacation pictures, do so after you’ve returned.
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