New Haven Residents in Need Gifted AC Units

New air conditioning units were distributed to New Haven residents in need to help them get through the current heat wave.

Mayor Toni Harp and staff facilitated donations for reduced-price AC units and had them installed in more than 20 homes that didn't previously have air conditioning.

“The heat and humidity forecast for these next few days cannot be overlooked or underestimated,” Mayor Harp said. “The conditions we expect in New Haven could be the worst we’ve experienced in many years.”

“With that in mind, and with an abundance of caution, we identified several generous private sector donors and suppliers willing to work with us to match new air conditioners with at-risk residents who needed one,” Mayor Harp continued.

More than $2,000 was raised from Eclipse Development, Branford Builders, Giordano Construction and from three other donors that preferred to remain anonymous.

Mayor Harp, Alder Kim Edwards, former Alder Alpharetta Edwards, a team of outreach workers from the city's Community Services Administration and members of the Safe Newhallville Initiative worked together in this effort.

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