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New Haven Residents Raise Concerns Over Brown Water

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New Haven residents are raising concerns after experiencing 'brownish' colored water.

Delienne Moncrieft tells NBC Connecticut that he and his family began noticing the changes nearly two weeks ago.

"We were scared to take showers and baths and the thought of drinking water was frightening," said Moncrieft. "The drinking and shower water was muddy, black-like, and brown muddy."

Moncrieft says fear was his first emotion after noticing the discoloration because of the effects it may have had on his children.

"It was scary because it was like putting them in shark-infested water," said Moncrieft.

Elisha Hazel lives across the street from Moncrieft and says that she had brownish-colored water in her sink, toilets and bathtub.

"We thought it would go away almost immediately but it hasn't," said Hazel. "We were a bit concerned at first."

According to Hazel, she received a letter from the city about the changes in water.

"The letter stated that they were having issues due to the larger consumption of water-based on everyone being home and the heat," said Hazel.

Dan Doyle works with the Regional Water Authority and says the discoloration is caused by natural mineral content in the water.

"This can stem from an increase in the speed that water that moved through the pipes and can have an effect on the natural mineral content in the pipes which leads to customers receiving discolored water," said Doyle. "We saw an unprecedented high use of water within the past week and when that happens, the pipes can become overwhelmed."

Doyle tells NBC Connecticut that in order for the issues to be fixed, customers must let the department know immediately so the issue can be fixed.

"It's very helpful for us to know where this is showing up so that we can respond to a neighborhood and resolve the situation," said Doyle.

The regional water authority is encouraging residents to reduce their water usage by 10% heading into the July 4 weekend to help reduce the possibility of water discoloration.

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