New Haven School Board Approves 24 Layoffs

The New Haven Board of Education has approved the layoffs of 24 employees, a number less than originally anticipated as the district continues to manage a budget shortage.

The school district was looking at a $19 million budget shortfall in March. By closing three schools, making staff reductions and other difficult decisions, New Haven Public Schools that deficit has been reduced by more than $10 million as officials continue to look at other ways to manage the money.

Board President Darnell Goldson confirmed that 24 layoffs were approved at a meeting Tuesday. The 24 layoffs include teachers and school counselors, but the number is significantly lower than originally predicted. When the district originally began discussing cuts, there was talk of cutting 135 positions.

The district has reassigned some personnel in an effort to best utilize the staff and reduce the number of cuts. Some also chose to resign.

Nearly 22,0000 students go back to New Haven Public Schools on Aug. 30.

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