New Haven Snow Budget Depleted as Winter Wears On

As winter weather continues into March, New Haven – like many other communities – is scrambling to compensate for a snow budget that has been totally drained.

The city is moving $300,000 from vacancies in the Department of Public Works to cover this week's storms.

Officials hope it will be enough. If it isn't, the city will have to find money elsewhere.

"We don't think that we'll run out, but it will make it difficult to do some of the other things we hope to do in the summer time," said Mayor Toni Harp.

City officials hope they won't have to move money from other departments, which could jeopardize programs like the one to keep school buildings open during spring break.

In the meantime, there's no end in sight for DPW crews. They worked through the day Wednesday to clean up slushy streets and prepare for a re-freeze that could prove dangerous tonight.

"We're worried about flooding. I've seen, as I was coming to work today, I saw a lot of our street corners were flooded," said Harp. "They're out there working really hard, so we can make sure things are as safe as possible."

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