New Haven Soccer League Calls a Foul!

The New Haven Soccer League is being forced to move after playing on the same field for twenty years.

Dozens of protestors held a demonstration outside the Parks Recreation and Trees Department Wednesday.

"They never want to talk to us, they just say out, out, out and that's it," says Alberto Bustos, a player who organized the rally.

Members of the league want to stay put.

"You work 6 days a week and when Sunday comes all of your problems and pressures go away," says Alex Acosta, a member since the league’s inception.

New Haven’s Department of Parks and Recreation says this is end of the line for them. The league has outgrown its space and has to go.

"The fields don't have the carrying capacity of the parking space for that many people because they stay all day," says the Bob Levine, Director of the Parks Department.

The league is made up of about 500 members, broken up into 25 teams. They use the field from May to September.  They will now be split up into three different fields around New Haven.

Protestors have a meeting set up with New Haven Mayor John DeSephano next week.  They say if they're not granted permission to remain in their field, they will take their protest to city hall.

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