New Haven Shops Looking for Holiday Dollars

Marc Henderson

New Haven businesses are gearing up for the holidays. Project Storefronts, a group of stores is hosting an extravaganza for shoppers. The goal is to give people an affordable alternative for their holiday shopping.

Project Storefronts in the Ninth Square neighborhood opened at the end of July and is really starting to make noise now that the holidays are fast approaching. Starting December 3rd the stores will kick off its extravaganza and open house - and offer more than gifts if you stop by.

“We will have crafting with recycled goods. The event is free there will be a surprise splash dance performance and you’ll get to meet local artisans, crafters, makers,” says Margaret Bodell Project Storefronts Organizer.

The storefronts were funded by the Economic Development Corporation as a spot for entrepreneurs to set up shop and sell their homemade, local creations at a bargain, “we were looking for a place where businesses could try out and kind of see what would happen if it was business viable,” says Bodell.

So far it’s been a hit, “Black Friday was great here we had almost 100 people looking at our goods.”

Five different spots make up the Storefronts. Upcycle repurposes old billboards, elm city handmade sells jewelry and secondhand clothes, shoes and purses. There's a bookstore and an unusual plant shop called Biome, which is owned by Britton Rogers, “I think people are interested because everything is so unique its not stuff you can buy off a store shelf, it’s clearly a handmade product.”

Something else that might interest shoppers are the bargains and the hours says Bodell, “we are open late at night so people can go to restaurants and then come over. You have a piece of community here.”

Project Storefronts will stay open an hour later starting December 3rd from 1 p.m.- 9 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. 

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