New Haven to Lift Parking Ban, Reopen Schools

New Haven is lifting the parking ban as of midnight and schools will be open on Thursday, according to the mayor’s office.

Mayor Toni Harp said in a statement that the so-called “downtown” parking ban was already rescinded this morning, but unrestricted parking throughout the city will be restored at midnight tonight.

New Haven Public Schools will reopen districtwide for classes as usual on Thursday and anyone who parked in a school parking lot during the parking ban must move it so faculty and staff can park tomorrow.

City officials will be documenting license plates of cars parked in school lots on Wednesday. If those cars are ticketed for 11th-hour parking ban violations on Wednesday evening, the documentation will exempt you from a penalty.

The city’s Department of Public Works will also resume trash and recyclable collection on Thursday, but trash collection will be two days behind schedule.

The New Haven Fire Department is also asking residents to help with clearing snow from around the fire hydrant closest to their house.

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