65-Foot Holiday Tree Arrives on New Haven Green

It might be Halloween, but the people at New Haven’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Trees are focusing on the holiday season and the city’s official holiday tree is taking its rightful spot on the New Haven Green.

“It’s really a highlight for the city and it draws people down to gather and we’ll expect thousands and thousands of people on Dec 1 for the tree lighting,” Rebecca Bombero, the city's director of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Trees, said.

New Haven Mayor Toni Harp and various sponsors and representatives from community groups and the city hosted "Christmas on Halloween" today to formally welcome the tree.

"It is certainly a unifying symbol for so many who live, work, study (in) and visit New Haven," Harp said. 

The 65-foot Norway Spruce will be the centerpiece of the Elm City’s holiday festivities on the New Haven Green.

Picked for its soaring height, color and fullness, the tree was cut Monday morning at the Alling Memorial Golf Course and then hoisted onto a flatbed for its trip to the green.

City officials said it will take a team of people several weeks to get the tree fully decorated and ready to go when its lights are switched on in about a month.

“It takes about a day or two for it to unfold after we untie everything. Then that’s time when we’ll start looking at it and seeing where we need to add branches,” said Fernando Lage, an urban forester in the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tress . “It’ll look great when we’re done,” he added.

The tree lighting will take place on Dec. 1.

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