New Haven Woman Captured in Libya

Clare Morgana Gillis is one of four journalists being held.

A 34-year-old New Haven woman is among a group of journalists being held captive in Libya.

Clare Morgana Gillis was captured on Tuesday around 1 p.m., according to Harvard University's history department

She has done work for USA Today, The Atlantic Monthly and The Christian Science Monitor, according to the Hartford Courant

Human Rights Watch called her parents, Robert and Jane Gillis, to tell them Clare was being held in Libya.

"So, we've been sort of waiting and watching ever since that point," her father told the Courant.

The Gillis family has had difficulty getting information verified.

Clare Morgana Gillis graduated from the Hopkins School in New Haven and earned an undergraduate degree in English Literature from the University of Chicago. Her minor was in modern Middle Eastern history, which is what brought her to the Middle East. She also completed her PhD at Harvard.

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