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New Haven's Grand Cafe Denied Liquor License After Community Push to End Violence

NBC Connecticut

The Connecticut Liquor Control Commission announced that they've denied a permit for the Grand Cafe in the Fair Haven neighborhood of New Haven.

This comes after community members pushed to tackle gun violence by protesting to stop the shootings happening near the bar in October. People also signed a petition and testified to the commission.

Now, the Grand Cafe on Grand Avenue will no longer be able to serve alcohol.

A public hearing, which included public testimony from the assigned liquor control agent, New Haven public officials and members of the community, led to the decision. The hearing happened from November through mid-December 2021.

The Department of Consumer Protection said the public hearing came after a remonstrance petition was filed. The petition requires at least 10 New Haven residents to sign and file a formal document objecting the renewal of the existing liquor permit.

The DCP said the commission found "substantial evidence to deny the liquor permit's renewal, and found that the location and permittee to be unsuitable for a liquor permit."

“The opportunity to share concerns about a business’s effect on its surrounding community is an important part of the remonstrance process,” said Consumer Protection Commissioner Michelle H. Seagull. “The Liquor Control Commission takes these decisions very seriously and I appreciate their thoughtful deliberation. I’d also like to thank those who attended the hearing, and the members of the New Haven community and New Haven officials who participated in this process.”

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