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New Haven's PRIDE Fest Returns to City Green for First Time in 20 Years

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PRIDE Fest 2022 is underway in New Haven.

It’s been a day-long event filled with music, food and drag. 

Organizers say up until 2004, the event always took place on the New Haven Green, but because of cost, they had to move it to other locations.

PRIDE Fest is part of ‘PRIDE New Haven’, an eight-day-long festival celebrating the culture, art, and history of the city’s and Connecticut’s LGBTQ+ community. 

This year, it runs from September 11-18 and includes over twenty-five events, performances, and much more.

During PRIDE Fest, participants are able to visit informational booths and receive a free Monkeypox vaccine. 

Organizers say the community has asked for the event to return to the Green and organizers delivered, they say, thanks to sponsors. 

“Being on the New Haven Green, which is the heartbeat, the centerpiece to the city of New Haven, really shows the importance of what this event has done for both the city and the community,” Patrick Dunn, the executive director of the New Haven Pride Center, tells us.

“Having visibility is a huge thing, especially on the Green,” Archie Crouse of North Haven said.

If you don't want the party to end, no worries. There is a PRIDE Fest after party at Gotham Citi at 9 p.m..

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