New Husky for UConn

Jonathan husky 1200

There’s a new Jonathan the Husky at UConn.

Jonathan XIV looks nothing like the mascot of years past, but more like the new logo.

The new mascot has the markings of a traditional Husky, rather than the all-white Huskies that served as previous mascots.

The four-month-old Husky puppy made its debut during the UConn board of trustees meeting this morning.

He will take over for Jonathan XIII, who has served as mascot for the past five or six years and is being retired because he began to be anxious around crowds.

The students who take care of the dog said they had to change a long-standing policy requiring the Husky to be all white.

Jonathan XIV is still being trained, but will likely make an appearance at a women's basketball game in the next few weeks.

The Daily Campus reports that both dogs will live with a host family off campus.

That family plans to adopt Jonathan XIII as their pet.

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