New Killingly Principal on Leave for ‘Very Private’ Allegations

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The new Killingly principal was placed on administrative leave today for a "very private, personnel matter based allegations that were made by staff," the school's superintendent told NBC Connecticut. 

It is unclear what those allegations may be.

Mary Verrastro was approached on Monday about the alleged allegations and took two days vacation.
When she was asked to come in, she refused, the school's superintendent, Kevin Farr, told NBC Connecticut. 

Because of her refusal, Verrastro was put on paid administrative leave. After being put on leave, Farr said that Verrastro sent an email blast to parents as "somewhat of an appeal, saying she was a good person." 

However, the email Verrastro sent out to parents said she was put on leave on Monday.

In the email, Verrastro said that a "five question survey developed by a small contingency of teachers of me is grossly unfair."

"I have only received high praise from August to January from Superintendent Farr and from the KHS BOE, publicly," the email obtained by NBC Connecticut.

"There has not been any complaints or formal grievances of misconduct brought forward or ever in my career or since I arrived by any staff or faculty member, whatsoever. This was confirmed in our Monday meeting by Mr. Farr."

"I was told that a group of teachers communicated that I had been 'short' and 'dismissive' with a certain few individual teachers."

While the email did not go into the detail of said allegations, it did ask parents to form a group in support of Verrastro. The letter urged parents to get in contact with the Board of Education and attend Board of Education meetings. 

Verrastro was hired in July 2015.

Farr said the school's next step is to conduct an investigation and decide the proper course of action. 

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