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New London Students Face Charges After Bringing BB Gun and Knife to School

Three New London students are facing charges after a BB gun was brought to and discharged at a middle school on Monday.

New London officials said Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School went into lockdown at approximately 1:10 p.m. after a BB gun was reported on campus.

Police were notified and responded to the scene. They found the BB gun, along with a knife, while conducting a search of the school.

The school remained in lockdown for about an hour. All students and staff are safe, the school district said.

Officials said they learned that the BB gun was discharged inside of the school during their investigation.

The teen students face charges including possession of and carrying a dangerous weapon on school grounds. They were all referred to juvenile court, according to police.

Anyone with any suspicions or concerns regarding school safety is asked to contact the school district.

"We appreciate those that came forward to report this and the prompt and thorough response by the New London Police Department and school staff," the school district said in a statement.

The incident remains under investigation.

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