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New Partnership Provides Technology and Engineering Career Opportunities

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A new partnership is opening up the door of opportunity for Hartford residents looking to break into the technology industry.

Hartford based non-profit, Girls for Technology, city of Hartford and GalaxE.Solutions have joined forces to create the "Pipeline 4.0" program. The partnership will commit to hiring 60 graduates of the Girls for Technology service desk training program for information and technology jobs in the 2022 calendar year.

Some of the brightest and upcoming IT analysts and engineers are getting the chance to take part in a 10-week accelerator program designed to create more opportunities for women and people of color.

GalaxE.Solutions announced that it's 'Outsource to Hartford' program would bring 180 new jobs from overseas to Hartford and would fill 80 positions through a workforce development program. The goal is to provide opportunities specifically in Hartford.

Since 2015, Girls for Technology has specialized in preparing students, women and people of color for careers in the engineering and technology field. Since the organization's inception, they've served more than 2,000 girls and women around the state.

"We really proud ourselves on providing opportunities for young people that look like me to be able to get into tech spaces that typically they aren’t, typically they aren’t seen," said Sabrina Tucker-Barrett, do-founder with Girls for Technology.

"This is like a launch pad and we don’t want them to stop there, we want them to get into GalexE.Solutions, get a meaningful paying job and continue with their education, if they so choose," she continued.

Program trainees are gaining professional and technical skills throughout hybrid instruction, career coaching and mentorship while picking up a stipend and those who complete the program and fulfill the requirements will gain employment with GalaxE.Solutions and/or other partners.

Pipeline Program Trainees learning inside class. Many of the students will get to get paid while picking up the skills they need before landing a job with the tech company, GalaxE.Solutions.

"We're establishing a feeder-system that’s going to ride with us and help us meet our goals and talent needs," said Ryan Hoyle, vice-president of the outsource to America program for GalaxE.Solutions. "We believe every citizen should have an opportunity at that American dream and pursuit of happiness, and provide for themselves and their families.”

The other piece to the puzzle is the city of Hartford which is putting up $600,000 to help provide resources for these students. The money is a part of the funding from the American Rescue Plan.

"Not just to provide the training but make it possible to earn while you learn so that it tears down barriers and makes it easier for folks to get that training opportunity," said Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin.

Carmen Gibson is a mother of four who is trying to create a better life for her family and with the help of the pipeline training program at Girls for Technology, she's being to take advantage of the opportunity.

"You don't know what you're missing until you actually take the chance," said Gibson. "Knowing that I’m putting in this 10 weeks that’s going to get somewhere, that’s going to excel all of our future, it’s very exciting.”

During the 10 weeks, students get to pick up money, and learn about IT and Google analytics. The non-profit's latest venture is helping both men and women of color who have been hoping for a shot to prove themselves and get their foot in the door.

"The fact that it’s localized, too, lifts the heavy burden of just travel and also financial reasons, too, and with the training they do here, it’s actually pretty amazing. I’ve actually never really seen people of color help out other people like this," said Austin Francis, a trainee for the Girls for Technology program.

This program is co-ed, and no prior experience is necessary. Residents of Hartford between the ages of 18 and 29 who have a high school diploma or a GED equivalent are eligible to apply. To find out how to apply, click here.

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