New Poll: Only One in Four Approve of Joe

His role in health care contributed, says pollster.

A new poll puts Senator Joe Lieberman's approval rating in the state at a mere 25 percent, while those who disapprove of him at 67 percent. Among Democrats, the disdain is even greater with 81 percent disapproving of his job performance. 

The results were released Thursday by Public Policy Polling, a group that, according to some, is characterized as a Democratic-affiliated polling firm.  They conclude that Lieberman's handling of the health care bill contributed to the low rating.  Just 19 percent of those polled supported his handling of Lieberman's actions; 68 percent disagreed. 

The group's president, Dean Debnam, exclaimed this in the press release:  "Joe Lieberman isn't popular enough with the Democrats or the Republicans to receive their nomination for the Senate in 2012."

Among Democrats, only 14 percent say they're happy with his performance.  The disapproval rating among Republicans was 48 percent, and among independents was 61 percent.

A total of 522 Connecticut voters were polled in early January.  You can read the results here.

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