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New Restaurants in New Haven Get Off the Ground Amidst COVID-19

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There’s a bright spot for business in downtown New Haven as three new restaurants officially opened to the public Wednesday.

Crafted by hand cafe, Edible Couture and Vegan Ahava are new eateries opening their doors even in the midst of COVID-19. 

All three spots are primarily take-out and delivery so they are hopeful that will help as they look forward to the winter season but all recognize the difficulty that comes with opening a restaurant in the midst of a pandemic. 

“Yeah it’s just as stressful and painful as it always is,” said Chris Bateman, chef-owner of Crafted By Hand. He went on to give his thoughts about opening during COVID.

“I feel like the restaurant industry is going more towards the take out delivery model and it fits it perfectly and it’s the right space and right time so I figured it was worth a shot.”

Owner of Edible Couture, Tisha Hudson described the storefront as not just a delectable dessert destination but a personal dream come true that the virus couldn’t stop.

“All my life I knew I would be an entrepreneur,” Hudson said.

“I felt so uncomfortable working for people. So I pretty much worked because I wanted to be able to take care of my kids and make sure my sons went to college and I always made an excuse to do it for them, but after while I said I have to stop doing it for them and do something for me.”

Proeyah Benton is the owner of Vegan Ahava. Her business started in a food truck but she felt it was time grow.

“Being a new business in the midst of COVID it was nervous to open a storefront,” she said. “But I just took a chance because I felt it in my gut that I needed to expand.” 

Benton, being from Israel, moved to the states years ago and she said she knew that being an entrepreneur was the right move for her.

“ I still sometimes just wake up at night at be like wow this is really me, I’m a black business owner being from another country and I’m really doing it.” 

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