New Wall Greets Visitors at East Haven Town Beach

A chain-link fence used to separate East Haven's Town Beach from Cosey Beach Avenue, but now a brand new stone wall is going up in its place.

“I think it looks much nicer than the fence that used to be there,” said New Haven resident Samantha Moore.

The wall has been a year in the making. East Haven Mayor Joe Maturo said people living in the beach area suggested the change.

“Some of the residents down here suggested we get away from that chain-link fence that looked like our beach was a prison, take it down, make the beach a little more inviting and build a wall similar to what some of the condominiums have down here,” said Maturo.

The new wall, built by East Haven Public Works, is costing the town $10,000. In addition to being more aesthetically pleasing, it's also serving a purpose.

“In normal high tide, in normal wind, a lot of the beach erosion comes up on Cosey Beach Avenue through the chain-link fence. The public works is here almost on a daily basis shoveling it off and bring it back onto the beach. This wall is going to prevent that,” said Maturo.

So far, it's getting a good response from beach-goers.

“I think it's a nice wall. They're doing a nice job. It just started, but it looks great already, so keep up the good work,” said Ray Ortiz from East Haven.

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