New York Livery Drivers Accused of Delivering Drugs to Norwalk Area

Booking photos of Wilber Lora-Espinal, Miguel Nunez and Jimmy Salcedo
Norwalk Police

Three New York livery drivers are accused of delivering large amounts of drugs to the Norwalk area and have been arrested.

Norwalk police said they began receiving information in early December about New York livery drivers delivering narcotics in the area and arrested the suspects on Wednesday.

Police said they also seized 10 Xanax bars, 13 bags of powder cocaine, 40 folds of pure fentanyl, 30 Oxycontin pills, around $3,000 in cash and a 2015 Ford Explorer with Livery Plates on it.

Miguel Nunez, 25, of Jamaica, New York; Jimmy Salcedo, 25, of Babylon, New York; and Wilber Lora-Espinal, 25, of New York, New York were arrested and are due in court on March 6.

The charges include possession of controlled substance within 1,500 feet of a school, possession of narcotics with intent to sell, possession of controlled substance with intent to sell, failure to keep drugs in original container, possession of marijuana and possession of controlled substance.

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