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New York Ranked Ahead of Boston As ‘Best Sports City'

What to Know

  • A list was compiled of the best sports cities in the country by the site WalletHub.
  • New York ranked first overall followed by Boston in second place.
  • You can see the full Top 25 overall list at the bottom of this article.

Patriots and Red Sox fans might disagree, but Giants and Yankees fans will embrace the new "Best Sports Cities" rankings from WalletHub.  The site ranked New York as the number 1 overall best sports city in the United States with Boston coming in second. 

The website ranked the top sports cities in the United States "from the fan's perspective" comparing 50 key metrics across 423 cities in five of the country's largest sports: baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and soccer.  The site included ticket price, number of sports bars, and team performance among the factors in make the rankings.

On the list, New York ranked number 1 overall in the "Baseball Rank" and number 8 in "Football Rank."  Boston ranked number 2 in "Basketball Rank and Hockey Rank" but came in at only 13 in the football category.

With successful college and minor league teams, several Connecticut cities were on the list.  New Haven came in at 177 on the overall list, but number 44 in the country for midsize cities.  Hartford ranked number 279 overall but came in at 79 in the soccer category and 76 in the country for midsize cities.  East Hartford ranked 304.  New Britain came in at 248.  With UConn, Storrs came in at 252.  Fairfield, Hamden and Norwich all made the small cities list.

Los Angeles ranked number 1 in basketball.  Detroit ranked number 1 in hockey, while Green Bay ranked number 1 in football.  Orlando was the number 1 soccer city.

If you break down how the rankings came into play, they gave football the most weight towards the overall grade with 49 percent followed by basketball, baseball, hockey, and then soccer.

The overall top 25 rankings for "Best Sports City" are:

1. New York, NY

2. Boston, MA

3. Pittsburgh, PA

4. Los Angeles, CA

5. Chicago, IL

6. Philadelphia, PA

7. Washington, DC

8. Detroit, MI

9. St. Louis, MO

10. Denver, CO

11. Atlanta, GA

12. Clemson, SC

13. Green Bay, WI

14. Cleveland, OH

15. Houston, TX

17. Dallas, TX

18. Cincinnati, OH

19. Seattle, WA

20. San Francisco, CA

21. Miami, FL

22. Kansas City, MO

23. Minneapolis, MN

24. Orlando, FL

25. Indianapolis, IN

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