Valentine's Day

Newington Couple, Married 54 Years, Renews Their Vows on Valentine's Day

"We’re in love. I love her just as much today as I did 54 years ago," said Clement Senatro.

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On a day when love is celebrated by millions, a Newington couple that has been married for 54 years stood before their friends and family members and renewed their vows.

Clement Senatro, Sonny, and his wife Eugenia, Jean, renewed their love at Cedar Mountain Commons in Newington.

They have known each other since they were teenagers, growing up in Hartford. After dating for two years they decided to tie the knot and were pioneers at the time.

"She's Greek Orthodox,” said Sonny. "Her priest had no problem with us getting married in the Catholic church, but he also said that if she did not get married in the Greek church she could be excommunicated."

So they first got married at Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Hartford on October 16, 1965. Then in April, they got married in the Greek Orthodox church. They were the first to have a mixed marriage at the alter, according to Sonny.

Now 54 years later, on Valentine’s Day, they renewed their commitment to one another.

When asked what advice Sonny and Jean had for other couples, they said they don’t have any. Instead, Sonny said “We’re in love. We’re in love. I love her just as much today as I did 54 years ago and she loves me just as much.”

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