Newington Graduation Signs Must Come Down: School

Banners boasting of senior accomplishments have become a treasured tradition in Newington. During graduation season, bed sheets with student names can be seen along Willard Avenue. The class of 2017 was no exception.

“I have young kids and they see the banners and they are like ‘Mom, what’s that?’ and I tell them ‘We are celebrating graduation from high school and they are moving on possibly to bigger and better things,’” said Newington resident Tina Bouchard.

The banners are supposed to leave along with the graduating students, yet Thursday morning around two dozen were still hanging from the fences. Newington Public Schools took to Facebook to share frustration over the disregard for the take-down deadline. Their post reads in part:

Dear Class of 2017,

Over the past 13 years we have tried to instill in you a sense of pride and responsibility to your community. Each of you has those skills. Extravaganza is upon us and what the community will see is your name upon a bed sheet that was to be taken down by July 1st.

Extravaganza is a three-day town event that features food vendors, entertainment, fireworks, and many other family-oriented activities. Bouchard says, in their current condition, the signs aren’t something visitors would want to see.

“They kind of fall apart and they are hanging there and it does become an eyesore,” she said.

Newington schools says if the signs don’t come down, they may never be allowed to go back up. Their post continued saying:

"Please don't be the class that pushes the town or the school district to stop this wonderful tradition. You are better than that so get out there and take responsibility for cleaning up what is now your mess.

In response to the school district's post, a group of Newington parents, past and present, say they will be taking down the signs Wednesday evening.

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