Newington Librarian Uses Yearbook to Reunite Lost Ring With Owner

Leave it to a librarian to use a book on the shelf to return a long lost ring.

A missing high school class ring will soon be reunited with its owner thanks to a librarian in Newington who used an old year book to contact Jennifer Rodriguez.

"My initial reaction was, 'Did [my daughter] forget to return some books before she left in September?'," Rodriguez said.

But the Lucy Robbins Welles Library librarian wasn't calling about books.

Rodriguez said she was surprised when the librarian, Jeanette Francini, said they found her daughter's class ring because it had been years since Gabriella spent time at the library. 

"She used to volunteer here at the library and during that process, in her senior year, she actually lost the ring," Rodriguez said. "She wasn’t sure if she lost it here or someplace else."

Gabriella, who graduated in 2013, didn't stress too much about the ring before going off to college.

Little did she know it would be found years later among the stacks of books at Lucy Robbins Welles Library.

When the ring was recovered, Francini noticed it was engraved with the letters GMR and she figured out a way to get it back to its rightful owner. 

"We made out on the ring- with the help of a magnifying glass- that it says GMR and it says on the ring class of 2013. So, we went and got the yearbook and the only person that had the G and R was Gabriella (Rodriguez)," Francini said. 

Francini used the reference number on Gabriella’s library card to contact her mother.

"She’s looking forward to coming home in December and being reunited with something from her high school years," Rodriguez said.

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