Newington Police Seek 3 Burglars Caught on Security Footage

Three burglars are caught on camera after Newington police say they tried to break into a home and found more than they were looking for.

"You just can't imagine because you think it won't happen to you, but it did. I was terrified," said homeowner Gloria Brown.

Part of that terrifying ordeal was caught on a home security camera. A dark blue, four-door Honda Accord drives by, and three minutes later, three men flee from the home on Adrian Avenue.

"I just saw his leg trying to get through," said Brown.

Around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, Brown said one of the men used her back deck to lift himself up to her open second-floor window as two others waited near the locked door. She heard the commotion, grabbed a knife, and they scrambled to escape.

"They ran and left the guy hanging in the window," said Brown.

As the three men ran away, the first guy looked directly at the camera. The other two hid their faces and Gloria headed outside where she hears the men screaming at one another.

"They were telling him, 'You forgot the car! You forgot the car!' So then he came back. So they were really amateurs to me because you don't leave the car," said Brown.

Soon after, the vehicle speeds away and Gloria runs to try and read the plate. She managed to capture a partial plate beginning with the letters "AB."

"I want to know why they targeted my house," Brown said.

She says the incident left her feeling violated, and she wants the men caught. Brown's counting her blessings she wasn't hurt.

For the suspects, it was bad luck and bad timing. Brown installed her security camera just last week. She plans to increase her security while reminding others to do the same.

"I'll tell anybody to have all windows secured and alarmed because if they want to get in, they'll get in. Trust me," said Brown.

If you know who the men caught on camera are, call Newington police.

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