Newington Yoga Studio Closed Without Warning

A Newington woman felt she was left in the dark after the Shine Studio shut down without notice.

Elizabeth Delgado said she and her daughter paid $10 each to attend an aerial yoga class in June.

"The lights were dimmed. Everything was lit with little tea lights and you saw the scarves hanging from the ceiling," she said.

Delgado and her daughter loved the class and looked forward to going back. She said they each paid $35 in cash for a 30-day membership.

When Delgado checked the studio’s website to sign up for another class, she said there were none available. Two weeks later, she learned the studio was closed for good.

"I started emailing. The emails got kicked back. I started text messaging and calling, and no responses," Delgado said.

Delgado thought other customers were probably in the same situation, and asked NBC Connecticut Responds to help.

We reached one of the owners of Shine Studio by phone. He declined an on camera interview, but provided a written statement on behalf of Shine Studio Management.

“In the near two years of Shine Studio's existence, we had the pleasure of fostering a strong community that will continue to thrive beyond Shine's time. Shine's community has always been our priority and continues to be even as we close our doors. We are aware some members still have a balance on their account and we are in the process of refunding those members accordingly in the order of highest balance to lowest balance. We have already refunded more than half of the total unserviced balance. We aim to complete the remaining refunds in the coming 4-6 weeks. Our Facebook page and phone lines are open and actively monitored as we welcome and urge all members to reach out to us with any questions or concerns regarding their account. We appreciate the community's support and patience as we cease operations. We'd also like to take a moment and thank each and every one of you that has reached out with messages of support. We realize this is a moment of regretful circumstances and we appreciate your understanding and patience.”

The statement was also posted to the Studio’s Facebook page. It’s the first post since July.

Elizabeth Delgado said she received a call from one of the owners after Responds contacted him. She said he promised to overnight her a refund check.

"The staff was really friendly, accommodating. It was just really sad it had to turn out this way," Delgado said.

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