Newtown Debating What to Do With Sandy Hook Elementary

Many in town don't want to see the building used as a school again.

Two months after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown officials are still trying to figure out what what to do with the school.

“I don't think there's ever going to be a good time, but yeah the decision needs to be made,” said Beth Keating, of Newtown.

Right now, the building sits empty and fenced off while the students attend class in Monroe. 

Newtown officials will have to decide whether students will return to Sandy Hook Elementary or whether something else will be done with the building where 20 children and six educators were gunned down Dec. 14. 

People who live in town all have opinions on what should be done.

“They should probably knock the school down and build a playground and some type of memorial, that's my thought,” said Keating.

Some feel very strongly that the building shouldn't be used as a school.

“I think it should be torn down and put a memorial up because it would be, putting the kids back in that building after that tragedy, I think it would be just too much,” said Robert Brink, from Sandy Hook.

“I feel it should be something to do with the children, either a playground or something, but I don't feel the children should go back into it,” said Patricia Brink.

Others say the decision should be up to those with ties to Sandy Hook Elementary, like those who lost loved ones and those who still have students there.  The Newtown officials deciding the fate will be getting suggestions from everyone affected.

“I prefer whatever the parents who have children there right now would like.  I think they should decide,” said Arthur Zierzow of Newtown.

Town officials are hoping to have a decision about what to with this Sandy Hook Elementary School building by May 1. 

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