Newtown Shooting, Juror Race Cases Before State High Court

The Connecticut Supreme Court is poised to have a busy 2019 dealing with cases involving the Sandy Hook school shooting, the race of jurors and homes with crumbling foundations.

Justices heard arguments in November 2017 but have yet to make a decision on a wrongful death lawsuit that stems from the school shooting. At issue is whether a lower court judge was right to dismiss the suit against gun-maker Remington, which made the Bushmaster AR-15-style rifle used to kill 20 first-graders and six educators at the Newtown school in 2012.

The court also will hear arguments in early 2019 in cases questioning whether enough African-Americans are picked to serve on juries in Connecticut.

Justices also will decide whether homeowners' insurance policies should cover repairs to thousands of homes with crumbling foundations caused by defective concrete.

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