Newtown to Decide Fate of Sandy Hook Elementary Building

Almost one month after a gunman walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School and killed 26 people, including 20 students, Newtown is trying to decide what should be done with that school building.

Students and staff from Sandy Hook haven’t returned since the tragic shooting on Dec. 14; they’ve been relocated to a school in nearby Monroe, Conn.

On Sunday afternoon, about 200 people packed the auditorium at Newtown High School to discuss whether Sandy Hook elementary should ever re-open.

"The children, the students, or the teachers of the school need to stay together," the mother of a Sandy Hook student said.

"It’s hard to even imagine my child walking back into the building," another parent said.

Many believe the school should be remodeled in honor of the 26 victims.

"[It shouldn’t be] kept as it is. I think too many hard memories [are there] … but, definitely rebuild it. … Maybe have a memorial there," Danielle Fredericks said.

However, others believe the site should be demolished.

"I don’t think any kid should ever have to go back there and tie those feelings back with the school again," said Christina Gorham.

"The building should be [torn] down," said Tara Nicholson.

With such a divided public, another meeting will be held on Friday to hear what other community members have to say.

Town leaders hope to make a decision on the future of Sandy Hook Elementary by this spring.

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