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Man Arrested for Vandalizing Police Cars



    New Haven Police have arrested a man after they caught him trying to vandalize police cruisers. (Published Saturday, Jan. 11, 2014)

    New Haven Police have arrested a man after they caught him trying to vandalize police cruisers.

    Jeffrey Jones, 50, stood inside a New Haven courtroom Friday afternoon facing charges of breach of peace and criminal attempt to commit criminal mischief.  Police picked him up Thursday after they allegedly caught him throwing nails under 75 police cruisers and officers' personal cars that were parked on West Water and Orange Streets behind the police department. 

    New Haven Police say there have been other acts of vandalism at the department, including cars being keyed, paint being thrown at the building and the flag being cut down from its pole.  Police are investigating to see if Jones is responsible for those acts as well.

    They're also looking to talk to Jones about the hoaxes at Yale University in November and Hillhouse High School in December.  Right now, police say he is not considered a suspect, but someone they have wanted to question.

    According to police, both incidents began when an anonymous caller dialed 9-1-1 from a payphone to say a shooter was heading to the school.  It sparked a lockdown at Yale with SWAT teams going through every building on Old Campus.

    “They knocked on my door and said, ‘State Police, please open up.’  So I opened the door for them, they checked my room, and then they escorted me out,” explained Amy Ho, back in November.

    At Hillhouse High School, there was also a lockdown and panicked parents rushing to get their children once it was lifted.

    “I got a text from my niece saying that the school was on lock down because someone was threatening to shoot it up and with everything that's been going on, I would feel more comfortable with my niece and my cousin at home where I know they're safe,” said Jasmine Moncrease, back in December.