Niantic Business Cleans Up After Flooding

ABC Shoreline Gymnastics was damaged by flooding when the remnants of Tropical Storm Ida swept through Connecticut.

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For the first time in 15 years, floodwater made its way inside ABC Shoreline Gymnastics in East Lyme.

“We weren’t expecting what we saw," said Kim Detuzzi, owner of the gym.

On Thursday, Detuzzi and her husband walked into their business to find the floors drenched. There were puddles of water throughout the gym.

"We had so much rain at once," said Detuzzi. "It has been very stressful for everybody."

When the remnants of Tropical Storm Ida swept through Connecticut, the storm drain in front of the gym became overwhelmed.

Detuzzi said the water started pouring out of the storm drain that sits just feet away from her business. She said the water went underneath one of her front windows and made its way through the building.

Some Connecticut farms still have crops underwater after Ida dumped massive amounts of rain earlier this week.

The owners had to basically take the gym apart, dry it out, and put it back together again. With some help from friends and family, they ripped up flooring, disinfected equipment and dried all of the flooded areas.

“It was really devastating, but it’s getting there," said Jacqueline Klug-McLeod, a coach at the gym.

After spending the holiday weekend cleaning up, the gym is planning to welcome gymnasts back Tuesday.

First Selectman of East Lyme Mark Nickerson said he does not believe any other businesses in town are still cleaning up.

The storm did damage some town property, including a bridge on Walnut Hill Road. Nickerson said that he has a meeting tomorrow with other town leaders to discuss any lingering repairs needed after the storm.

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