Niantic Man Asks NBC CT Responds to Resolve Bill From Nine Years Ago

When Michael Liparulo started having technical issues with his previous broadband provider, he decided to shop around for a company that would provide faster Internet speeds at a lower price.

Liparulo decided to go with Atlantic Broadband, in part because they were familiar territory.

“Back in the day, they used to be Metrocast, which was a local cable company which we had,” said Liparulo. “(We) had no issue with them.”

For $187, he made the switch. But at the end of the day—literally—Liparulo changed his mind again.

He realized he was going to save less than two dollars a month, and wanted to give his old provider another shot.

“When I called Atlantic Broadband that same evening, they said they would refund my money the next day,” said Liparulo. “After about a week, nothing. Multiple calls, multiple supervisors, no (resolution).”

Atlantic Broadband did refund him, just not the full amount. Turns out, Liparulo had a back balance of $134 from nine years ago, when he last had a contract with the company.

Liparulo didn’t think that was fair, as he says he didn’t authorize that payment.

He told the agent he never received bills regarding a back balance.

“I finally contacted NBC (Connecticut) Responds,” said Liparulo.

Atlantic Broadband gave him a full refund and Courtney Long, the vice president of customer care, sent us a statement saying:

“After looking into the matter further, Atlantic Broadband has determined to give Mr. Liparulo a full refund, including the installation and service fee along with the back balance originating from MetroCast services. Due to the customer’s cancellation, Atlantic Broadband originally refunded the additional payment minus the back balance. It is typical policy that back balances are only waived if customers install services and pay in full, however in this case, Atlantic Broadband will waive all based on the amount of time of the balance and good faith.” 

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