Nice Looking Thanksgiving Week

I love snow but not this week! Too many errands, too many travel plans, too much going on, and too much pressure for your friendly neighborhood weatherman! 

A few showers on Wednesday followed by cooler than average temperatures on Thanksgiving is about all we have of note this week. We'll take that. You can see some colder air diving south into southern New England on Thursday thanks to a dip in the jet stream.


The one thing I am watching closely is Sunday and Monday (11/26-27). A bigger dip in the jet stream coupled with a big ridge of high pressure over Greenland known as a -NAO is an intriguing setup. At this point not much is modeled but it's not a bad idea to keep an eye on this window.

We have colder temperatures and flurries currently in the forecast. Hopefully we won't have to change it!

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