Nine-Year-Old Features Local Eateries On YouTube to Help Businesses Amid COVID-19

A 9-year-old boy from Bethel has the scoop on all the best eateries in town.

Once Nicholas Zaccagno realized how the COVID-19 pandemic was impacting local businesses, he started a YouTube page, called "Nicky Will Eat It," featuring restaurants in town and giving his own reviews by making mini commercials.

"When this coronavirus happened ... we saw all the businesses were getting hurt so we decided to do this thing called 'Bethel Boost,'" Nicky said. "So we go to each business and we order my favorite item from each place and we tell the people about it."

Bethel Boost is Nicky's way of giving that extra boost to local businesses during a time of such uncertainty.

Businesses around Bradley Airport that depend on the support of passengers are feeling the pinch amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Nicky started filming for Nicky Will Eat It six months ago as a "bizarre foods" critic.

"When I was young, I just loved bizarre foods, so it all came to be when I loved bizarre foods so my YouTube channel was me trying bizarre foods," Nicky said.

Since then, he's transitioned to getting more customers to head to local businesses. He has already made more than 30 videos.

"Everyone seemed to love, we give so many people business that J. Lawrence actually gave us free wings for a year," Nicky said.

Nicky reviews his favorite food items and tells his viewers how the food tastes. And his dad Dino shoots the videos for him.

Nicky is somewhat of a celebrity in town.

"He's turned into a little celebrity in Bethel. I mean, you go walking down the streets or if we go places, they hover to him," Dino said.

"He goes to sleep and just wakes up thinking about new places because he just wants to help them out so much," Dino continued.

And the fun doesn't stop there. Nicky has big plans for the future of Nicky Will Eat It.

"After we're done boosting Bethel, I have a huge announcement, we're going to be boosting Connecticut," Nicky said.

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