River Floods Willimantic Softball Fields

From miles around, softball players go to Willimantic for games at Rec Park, close to the Willimantic River - but not with two to three inches of rain Tuesday pouring into the river on Wednesday. 

River water covers one of the fields and makes the outfield of the other field too soggy for play.

"Once the river goes down," said Brad Wojcik, public works supervisor, "then the water will go away.  Right now the river is backing up into the ballfield."

That is not likely to happen too quickly. Another storm coming through on Thursday is expected to bring another 2-to-4-inches of rain.

Wojcik said that, in his 40 years of working in Willimantic, the field has flooded often.

"We'll see how it goes. Hopefully they'll get some games in on Saturdays," he said.

Jen McNeal of the Women's Softball Association of Greater Willimantic said there's not much the public works people can do. 

Her league plays softball two nights a week, the men's league three nights, but both have had to postpone play because of the water.

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