Thea Digiammerino

Nod Road is Saved: Officials Vote Down Development Proposal in Avon

The battle over a potential housing development in Avon is over.

Tuesday the town’s Planning and Zoning Commission voted 6-1 against a zoning charge that would allow for the development on Nod Road.

Neighbors had packed town meetings and created a group to voice their opposition to the plan.

There were concerns about traffic and the environment.

“I think this shows they're really behind something like this in our town and they're able to come out and show their support. This is an unheard of showing for something like this, I'd say,” said Robin Baran and Christopher Carville, co-presidents of Nod Road Preservation, Inc.

The developer, The Keystone Companies, had argued that the development would have benefits to the community, including preserving the golf course, a more than $1 million boost in tax money and improved traffic patterns.

“The town lost a great opportunity to work together and develop this site in a way that could be pleasing to everybody,” Anthony Giorgio, managing director of The Keystone Companies said.

The developer said he now plans to move forward by looking at other options.

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