Non-Profit Programs Struggle Without State Budget

It’s more than three weeks into the fiscal year and state legislators still have not passed a budget. On Wednesday non-profits really began to see the effects when they were forced to close their doors due to furlough days.

Until a budget is passed the state has imposed furlough days, which means that on certain days non-profit programs will not receive funds to operate.

In response, non-profit organizations that provide care to the disabled plan to hold five press conferences around the state to draw attention to the lack of a budget and the struggles it creates.

They say it not only hurts the programs financially, it also hurts the people who rely on those services.

Monday night the Connecticut House voted to approve a union concessions deal that will save the state billions over the next few years. The Senate plans to vote next week.

Legislators still need to deal with a $5 billion shortfall in the state budget over the next two fiscal years.

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